Midwest Benefits Consultants, LLC has always realized the importance of protecting the privacy of our clients and prospects, their employees and families and we are committed to maintaining that confidentiality.

Enacted federal legislation, called the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (“Act”) requires, among other things, insurance agencies and other entities to disclose their privacy policies.

As part of our business we obtain certain nonpublic personal information. This information includes information we receive on applications and enrollment forms as well as information received from the insurance companies and other outside parties, such as Third Party Administrators. This information may include the person’s health information such as their past, present or future health conditions as well as other data.

We do not disclose this information except as permitted or required by law or only to those individuals and companies involved in administering or providing services for employee benefit plans. We may share this information with insurance companies and other entities that assist with underwriting, risk management and other insurance functions as well as assisting us with policy placement or issuance.

We maintain procedural safeguards to protect all nonpublic personal information. We also limit the availability of this information to our employees for legitimate business purposes. Our employees have been trained to respect the member’s privacy concerns and have been made aware of the confidentiality and responsibility to safeguard this information.

This statement of the Privacy Policy is only meant to inform you of how we safeguard nonpublic personal information. We will provide you an annual notice about our Privacy Policy and will notify you whenever it changes.

If you have any questions concerning this notice, please contact:

Tom Hayden
Midwest Benefits Consultants, LLC.
2101 Florence Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45206